Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween is Coming Bento!

I made a Halloween Themed Bento because I just bought some Mini Halloween cookie cutters, and I wanted to try them out. I also had some butternut squash souffle that I thought would taste good in the bento.
Here is my fiance's bento lunch:
  • Gluten Free Quesadilla
  • Cheese Pumpkin and Moon
  • Corn Tortilla and Blackberry Jam Cat and Bat
  • Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets (Recipe found here)
  • Butternut Squash Souffle
  • Mini MacIntosh Apple
  • Spinach Leaves
 And here is my bento lunch. It has all the same things as my fiance's bento. I added Ketchup later for my Chicken Nuggets.
These are the new Mini Halloween cookie cutters:
  • Bat
  • Moon
  • Cat
  • Shull
  • Pumpkin
  • Ghost
 I love the Wilton brand. You can find a ton of stuff that you can use for bento, even though they are originally for Fondant and Cake Decorating.

And now I must say, I probably won't be making bento for the rest of the week because my sister's wedding is coming up this week, and I'm a bridesmaid. So I'm going to be a bit busy. If I have the time, I might post another bento, but if I don't, you know it's because of being busy. I'll definitely be back next week!


  1. I'm going to have to google Butternut Squash Souffle because that looks so delish!

  2. Thank you. It really was delicious! It's not home made though. I bought the Garden Lites brand
    I have also tried the Roasted Vegetable Souffle and it was soooo delicious.
    And it's pretty low in calories as well.

  3. CUUUTE! They came out so adorable! Love those cutters! The bat is extra cute. And the kitty, of COURSE! ...*hides from the squash and ninja-sneaks bites of the rest* BWAHAHAHA!

  4. lol, silly Julie. Squash is super tasty!