Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Presents Bento Gear 1 of 3

So I got lots of awesome bento gear for my birthday this year, so I decided I'd post it in three parts so I could thank each person individually, and so there wouldn't be a billion pictures and explanations all on one blog post.
This is all the awesome bento gear my friend Julie gave me for my birthday.
She really went overboard on the presents... but I'm not complaining! :) I love it all!!!
First up in the bento box...
This bento is called the Triangle Rice Ball Box and the package boasts that it can hold two regular convenience store rice balls. This will be awesome for packing onigiri for my fiance.
You place the onigiri on the black platform and carefully place the cover on top.
Under the black platform is an area where you can put the rest of your meal. Vegetables to help round out the meal and make it balanced.
  • Upper compartment is 550 ml
  • Lower compartment is 230ml
 This is the Lunchbox belt that holds the bento together so it doesn't open up in transit.
These are weiner shapers and picks for making shapes with mini hotdogs. It comes with:
  •  A shaper that turns a mini cocktail frank into two tulip flowers and a butterfly.
  • 2 flower stem picks
  • 2 mini cutters to make confetti (heart and star)
  • A pick to help push the food out of the cutters and the shaper, so nothing sticks too badly.
 These are silicone cups that are shaped to fit into all the difficult spots in a bento box. It has:
  • 1 Orange semi circle cup
  • 1 Pink rectangle cup
  • 1 Blue long rectangle cup
  • 1 Green square cup
  • 2 (1 Pink 1 Orange) mini curved triangle cups
 This is an onigiri (Rice Ball) shaper. It makes two triangle onigiri. Perfect for the triangle  onigiri bento box.
These are super cute reusable food separators. They come with 8 fake grass sheets and 8 animals. The animals can slip onto the grass sheets or you can use them separately.
  • 2 Light Green grass with White flowers and a Bee
  • 2 Dark Green grass with Yellow flowers and a Ladybug
  • 2 Light Green grass with Mushrooms and a Butterfly
  • 2 Green grass with Strawberries and a Snail
  • 2 Pig
  • 2 Monkey
  • 2 Panda Bear
  • 2 Bear
Alphabet and Number food cutters. Perfect for cheese, deli meats, fondant, tortillas, etc. Comes with:
  • 0123456789 (numbers)
  • ! (an exclamation point)
Thank you Julie for these wonderful bento goodies! I can't wait to use them!


  1. Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
    Best wishes

  2. Super cuuuuuute!!!!!!!!

  3. *Giggle!* You're welcome! <3 <3 <3! And FYI; there are two of each shape in the dividers. ;-)

  4. Thank you Julie! I didn't know. Thank you!

  5. oH, URARA boxes are the best :) Love them :)