Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day Bento Goodies

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates. Today (Yesterday) is Christmas and my wife has surprised me with a big box filled with bento goodies!!! I was so excited so I took pictures of all the awesome bento boxes and accessories I got.
 Here is the Bento boxes and accessories that my wife gave me for Christmas.
 These next pictures aren't the best because I was so excited I took them quickly while sitting on the living-room floor on Christmas day.
 Four 3 tiered Bento boxes in Pink, Blue, Green, and Orange
 One Blue and White Poke-a-dot Bento with separator and tight fitting lid.
 Two Packages of Picks. Christal Picks in Yellow, Blue, Pink, Clear, and Green, and Heart Music Picks in Pink, Blue, and Yellow.
 Chopsticks with a Purple and Black Case.
And a food writer pen with two different size caps. (I am super excited to draw on my food using ketchup and mustard!)

This is soooo exciting! I wish I had a week off from work so I could play with all my awesome bento goodies and make a ton of bentos!!! But I'll have to wait for a day off and some free time instead.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day and I hope you all got what you were hoping for! :)

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