Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Christmas Bento Goodies

Today my friend came over and gave me and my wife our Christmas Presents... and I got sooo many awesome Bento Goodies! I guess this year my Christmas presents were themed around Bento.heck out the Awesome Bento Boxes and Accessories my wife gave me Yesterday.
You may think this is a lot of stuff for a friend to give, but she got good prices on them all, and I am required to make a lot of bentos and blog about them as repayment. lol. After all this friend is my Biggest Bento Blog Fan!
Anyway, here goes
 Look at it all, Ahhh!!!!! I want to make Bentos Right Now!!!
 This is a Picnic Bento Box that has 5 removable containers that can also be used for veggies and dip at a party or cookout.
 One Black Poke-a-dot and one Pink Lace Oblong 2 tier Bento boxes with chopsticks under the covers and black bento bands to keep them together.
 2 packages of Food Picks. The Flower picks come in Clear, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue. The Halloween Picks have 2 Ghosts, 2 Bats, 2 Headstones, and 2 Gothic Fences.
 These are really cool 3D Food Cutters. Each Package comes with three cutters that cut food that you can fit together to make a 3D Elephant and a 3D Bunny. I also bought myself the 3D Christmas Tree earlier, but I'll have to blog about that separately.
 These are animal Food Cutters that also double as Presses to make the detail of the face and body on the food you cut. There is a Bear, Elephant, and a Bunny.
 This is a super cute Sandwich Press that turns sandwiches into filled bread pockets.

 These are 2 Rice Molds. The left one makes rice into rolls that are traditional for sashimi and the right one turns the rice into little cubes.
 These are the super cute Pig Chopstick set that came with Pink Chopsticks, a Pig Case, and a Poke-a-dot Cloth that holds the chopstick case.
 This is a Silicone Mold that is perfect for making cute tea cakes or molded jello desserts, and they are the perfect size for bento.
 Here is an Egg Slicer that cuts hard boiled eggs into wedges and slices that are perfect for a fancy salad bento. The Avocado Slicer will slice avocados into perfect slices for bento, sandwiches, and salads.

These aren't really for bento, but they are cute Piggy Kitchen gadgets. The Pig on the left is a magnet that doubles as a plate golder for taking hot plates out of the microwave. The Pig on the right is a cute little bowl that's perfect for soy sauce.
Here is a picture of all the bento goodies I got this year for Christmas.
  • 8 Bento Boxes
  • 4 Sets of Picks
  • 3 Sets of Animal Cutters
  • 2 Sets of Chopsticks (and 2 chopsticks in the oblong bentos)
  • 2 Rice Shapers
  • 1 Food Pen
  • 1 Egg Mold
  • 1 Pocket Sandwich Press
  • some Cool Kitchen Gadgets
Half is from my wife, and the other half is from my friend. Don't I have some awesome people in my life? I am soo thankful, and I am super excited to use it all!!! :) I hope I get a chance to start making more bentos this coming New Year because I still have a lot of bento accessories I haven't been able to use  and experiment with yet.

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