Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Tree Snack Bento

This bento is more like a dessert then a snack with how sweet it turned out to be. But either way, here is my cute Christmas Tree Bento.
  • Fluffernutter Sandwich 'Tree' (Udi's Gluten Free Bread, Teddie Natural Chunky Peanut butter with Flaxseed, Fluff died green, Christmas Sprinkles)
  • Mini Candy Canes
To all the Vegetarians... Marshmallow Fluff does not contain gelatin. If you miss out on having S'mores, Rice Crispy Treats or other marshmallow-y treats try it with fluff!
    To make the green fluff spread:
    • Take 1 Tbsp marshmallow fluff and put it into a microwave safe bowl. Add a few drops of green food coloring (the more you add the darker it will be). Stir the food coloring into the fluff the best that you can. 
    • Microwave the fluff for about 10 seconds. Take it out and stir. The fluff should be smooth and easier to work with. If you want your fluff a darker green you can add more food coloring in now.
    • Spread fluff over the tree shaped peanut butter sandwich. 
    • Smooth with a knife then add sprinkles as decorations. If you work fast enough the sprinkles will stick to the fluff before it hardens. When the fluff is completely cool it is almost like a glaze and the sprinkles will stay on (and it will be less messy to eat then if you didn't melt your fluff). If you wait too long the sprinkles won't stick to the fluff and they will fall right off.
    I did the same thing in my birthday bento Here.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!


    1. You are so FREAKING cute. And that is the cutest sandwich EVER! I friggin' loooove yoooou!!!!!!

    2. Thank you!!!!!! :) I love you so much!

    3. I love fluff! (Though I call it marshmallow creme, as people do where I am from, and confuse everyone around here.) I didn't know it didn't have gelatin in it--thanks for telling us.

    4. Hey
      Just been reading your blog and Ive really enjoyed it. Youve inspired to start making my own bento.

    5. Dear 'The Student @ Food for Dissertating' I know that Fluff does not have gelatin, but other brands might have gelatin in them. so it's important to check the ingredients if you have a special diet like an allergy or being a vegetarian. I'd hate for someone to get angry at me for accidentally eating gelatin because they got a different brand then fluff thinking it was the same thing.

    6. Dear supercalisto, I am so glad you have been enjoying my blog. I am happy that I inspired you to make bento. I hope you enjoy it!

    7. LOVE IT! ...>.> I'd use chocolate icing instead of peanut butter. ^_^ But That's me. ;-P Still SUPER cute and tasty looking! Heeheeheehee! And your'e adorable!