Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rainbow Rice Bento

I have been bringing quick lunches to work in my mini crock pot. Usually I don't have the time to take a picture, but yesterday I took a picture since it was kind of pretty. I'm calling it Rainbow Rice for lack of a better name.
 This dish is made with two types of frozen veggies. An Oriental Vegetable Mix, and a Rice and Mixed Vegetable Steamer Bag.
I poured some of each Frozen Vegetable Mix into my crock pot, added a dash of Gluten Free Soy Sauce and some Cracked Pepper.
At work I plugged in my crock pot and it was hot and ready to eat by lunch time. It would have been sooo much better if it was stir fried first, but it tasted good anyway.
  • Red (Peppers)
  • Orange (Carrots)
  • Yellow (Corn)
  • Green (Peas)
  • Green (Green Beans)
  • Green (Pea Pods)
  • Green (Broccoli)
  • White (Onion)
  • White (Water Chestnuts)
  • White (Rice)
  • Black/Brown (Gluten Free Soy Sauce)
  • Black (Cracked Pepper)