Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Feast

Hello again my friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful Halloween today.
My wife and I made a Halloween Feast for dinner, and I couldn't wait to share it with you.
What's on the menu you ask?
Well it's a Spooktackular meal of Ghosts, Pumpkins, and Headstones taken right from the graveyard!
Isn't that awesome?

Here's what we have:
  • Ghosts (Mashed Potatoes with Edamame eyes and mouth)
  • Pumpkins (Butternut Squash with Broccoli steams)
  • Headstones (Meatloaf with Ketchup RIP)
Here's how we made it.
 The meatloaf is lean Turkey and Pork with peppers, onions, carrots, GF oats, spices...
My wife formed it into 3 headstones, then we baked it.
 When they came out of the oven I put some ketchup into a plastic baggy and snipped off a corner so I could write on the RIP.

Don't they look good? YUM!
 I made the mashed potatoes extra stiff and I put it into a plastic baggy.
 I didn't have any peas so I heated up a few edamame to use as the eyes and mouths on the ghosts.
I snipped off the corner of the baggy and piped the potato into ghosts. Then I added the eyes and mouths.
I scooped the mashed squash into a 1/4 measuring cup and placed it on a plate to form the pumpkin shapes.
And I added some broccoli as the steams.
 To serve the meatloaf I sliced it into smaller headstones and wrote RIP on them with Ketchup.
I made a cross on some of them as well.

Happy Halloween Everyone, and I hope you liked my adventure into Spooky Halloween Foods today! What did you have to eat?

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