Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snack Bentos with Soup

Last night I made lentil soup for dinner, and today we decided to have some for lunch as well. Because I wanted to make bentos I decided to make snack bentos for us to have with our soup.
 Here is my snack bento:
  • 1/2 Apple
  • Multi-seed crackers (Gluten Free)
  • Sun-sweet Ones (Prune)
  • Skittles (No red or purple skittles because I don't like them, so I set them aside for my fiance who loves them)
  • Calcium Chew (Chocolate Flavor)
Here is my fiance's snack bento:
  • 1/2 Apple
  • Brie
  • Butter Crackers
  • M&M's (Mostly Blue because that's what was in the package)
This is the lentil soup I made. It turned out really good considering that was the first time I made lentils, and the first time I made anything other then rice in my rice cooker. :)
I'm excited to try other dishes in the rice cooker now that I know how to use the boil/simmer button. Now I just have to try out the Steamer button.


  1. TASTY! Mmm, cheese! You keep inspiring me to dig out random things at the grocery store I haven't had in a while! Lol! Brie is EPIC! I used to take those calcium chews, but I could only stand the caramel ones because the texture was right for caramel... then I couldn't find those ones for ages and stopped getting them. >.<
    YAY TASTY KAT THINGS! Keep going! And YAY learning new functions on home appliances! LOL!

  2. Julie, Whole Foods has Calcium supplements that are actual Chocolate. They are yummy too. I almost bought them, but the chews I ended up getting were more chews for the same price as the chocolates.

  3. O.o I may have to check that out; thanks! :-)